Jetboating Excellence Since 1984

From its humble beginnings in the early 80's as a popular recreational jet boat, KeelowCraft has grown into a Southland success story, excelling on all types of rivers throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Jetboat Guru, Neil Ross, acquired the KeelowCraft name when he started to manufacture a new generation of high quality recreational, commercial, and race jetboats.

As demand for the KeelowCraft boats grew, Neil handed over the reins to Dwayne Terry - jet boat mechanic and boat builder who has continued to develop and supply these performance designed craft from their workshop in Gore, Southland, NZ.

The KeelowCraft success has been accredited to careful planning and design, expertise, dedicated team work, researching clients needs and following up with full after sales support but most importantly, the superior build quality, finish and handling of all the KeelowCraft range.

Nearly 30 years on, KeelowCraft  leads the way with its range of recreational jet boats, while continuing to achieve excellence within the commercial adventure tourism industry and world racing circuit.

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