KeelowCraft in China

KeelowCraft Boats are very pleased to announce that we are setting up a new factory in China, to meet the growing demand for our commercial tour boats around the world.

We are going into a joint venture with a Chinese company and will be setting up a 3000sqm factory in Xiamen, China.  I will personally be moving to China to set up and run the operation, to ensure that the new factory operates with the same quality and service KeelowCraft is famous for.  By setting up in China we will be able to offer our global customers the same high quality commercial tour boats for a much better price than we (or anyone else) can out of New Zealand.  This will open up opportunities for companies all around the world to have access to KeelowCrafts quality and highly skilled services at a more competitive price.

Commercial Jet Boating is really starting to take off around the world, but the biggest hurdle for most companies wanting to start jet boating is the cost of getting a boat out of NZ due to shipping costs and quite often very high taxes in the country of destination.  We are very happy to be able to now offer our services at a price that makes it achievable.

Our New Zealand Factory will carry on as usual, servicing the New Zealand market in recreational boats and also the commercial tour boats, and will now be run by my wife Gillian with the help of Mike McMillan.  Mike has been with KeelowCraft since 2006 and has been our Production Manager for the last 18 months. He knows our boats inside out.

This is very exciting times for KeelowCraft, and we are looking forward to the new challenges ahead.
Watch this space, as I will be posting photos of the new factory as we set it up, and regular updates in the future.

Dwayne Terry
Managing Director