Customer Testimonials


"Hi Guys, just a note to let you know how much I enjoy my boat.

We had a day out yesterday with the family's on the boat just having a picnic and a few quiets.

The boat is easy to drive and easy to store and get gear on and off with little ones.

The motor unit combo just makes a nice family friendly boat at 3000 revs.

All and all the best all round boat I have owned over my 25 years of owning jet boats."

John Derry, 4 x NZ Jet Boat Marathon Champion and 2013 World Jet Boat Marathon Champion.

Riverwild 480, LS3 engine, Hamilton 212 Jet

" Hi Dwayne, Really enjoying the boat. Best boating decision I have made in 45 years of boating"

Bob Crawford, Managing Director and CEO, GWD Motor Group