The 5.6m Riverwild

Based on the very popular Riverwild 480, the Riverwild 560 is the ideal back country Jet boat for the fisherman or family boater that requires a lot more room than your average jet boat.  

At 5.6m long, the Riverwild 560 offers huge deck space for fishing or seating for 8 people. Check out the pics below to see some of the layouts available.

The Riverwild 560 can also be built to survey, so is ideal as a commercial work boat. The NZ Department of Conservation uses two RiverWild 560’s as their work boats in Wanganui, NZ.

The 560 is an awesome river boat but are also “at home” in the lakes or open sea. 

Riverwild 560 5.6m
Top Deck All Alloy
Windscreen 2mm Alloy or Lexan
Engine Bearer 150 x 75 x 6 Extrusion Alloy
Small Bearer 50 x 25 x 3 mm Alloy
Sides 3mm Marine Grade 5083 Alloy
Bottom of boat 6mm Marine Grade 5083 Alloy
Transom 3mm Marine Grade 5083 Alloy
Beam (chine) 1900mm
Gunwale 2150mm
Free board at transom (chine) 700mm
Number of seats 2 to 9 (bench seats) – 7 comfortably
Cockpit width 1800mm
Cockpit length (dash to transom) 3150mm
Deadrise 15 degrees
Bisalloy impact plate 750 x 2200 x 5 mm or 10 mm options
Transom Strengthening 6 mm insert
Intake 212 or 3 stage H/D Steel
Turbine intake and grill Custom Alloy
Heavy Duty Keel 10mm x 2400 x 600
Side pockets 3mm Alloy
Side tank storage compartments 3mm Alloy
Bow rails 25mm Alloy Tube
Engine hood rails 25mm Alloy Tube
Pump protection plates 8mm Alloy Plate stainless steel adjustable rods